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Figura richiesta: 
Shelter Expert


Figura Richiesta: Shelter Expert

Destinazione: Lebanon

Scadenza della Vacancy: January 31, 2017


Shelter Expert for coordination of the project “Emergency Shelter and WASH Assistance for Syrian Refugees in South Lebanon”

Duty Station  Tyr (South Lebanon)

Duration: 12  months          Tentative starting date: January/February 2017


  1. Qualifications in a discipline related to Architecture/ Civil  Engineering / Civil Works / Water & Sanitation 
  2.    Specific and demonstrated skills and technical experience in shelters (architecture, civil engineering,  design, management, implementation and supervision of civil works, shelters’ rehabilitations etc.)
  3.    Experience in developing shelter and settlement need assessments and undertaking gap analysis for development of shelter programmes.
  4. Demonstrated experience and ability in cooperation projects’ management, , in emergency and relief, humanitarian aid, assistance to refugees,  shelter, NFI’s  distributions, water & sanitation, etc.
  5. Experience / skills in projects’ financial planning, administration, reporting
  6. Experience / skills in procurement procedures and tendering. Preferential asset to have background and knowledge of UN (UNHCR, UNICEF, OCHA) rules and regulations,  projects’ management systems, administrative & procurement procedures, tendering.
  7. Excellent communication capabilities and ability in reports’ writing
  8. Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of Arabic is an asset
  9. Computer literacy
  10. Driving License
  11. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, stressful environment. Flexibility, availability to perform other duties. Availability to work in security volatile context
  12. Past working experience in Lebanon is an asset



  1. Planning, coordination, management and monitoring of project activities, including needs assessment, beneficiaries’ selection, design, follow up and supervision of civil works and technical interventions,
  2. Procurement and tendering procedures for works, NFIs  and other goods and services;
  3. Supervision and follow up of civil works
  4. Organization of distributions
  5. Accountancy and administration
  6. Maintaining contacts with relevant local stakeholders, institutions, associations, cluster groups, donors, local authorities and International NGOs and agencies;
  7. Taking care of operational agreement with local authorities involved, as well as any needed authorization
  8. Drawing project documents, assessment reports, activity plans, interim / final reports, financial reports, etc.
  9. Management of financial and logistic resources of the project;
  10. Selection, recruitment, management and supervision of local staff;
  11. Reporting to the CISP Country Representative to Lebanon


Interested candidates should send their CV to both the following addresses:

 falcitelli@cisp-ngo.org     AND     beirut.cispleb@gmail.com                                                                                              


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