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Country Representative

CISP Vacancy

Country Representative in Malawi (Expatriate)


Country of Operation: Malawi

Duration: 12 months (renewable)

Tentative starting date: January 2017



  1. Consolidated project management and coordination experience
  2. Proven capacities in Human resources management
  3. Specific and demonstrated skills and technical experience in the field
  4. Minimum 2 year experience in similar position / development and emergency projects
  5. Understanding & experience of programme, financial and operational management processes
  6. Excellent experience / skills in projects’ financial planning, administration, reporting
  7. Experience /skills in identification and promotion of new projects and fund raising
  8. Experience / skills in procurement procedures and tendering. Background and knowledge of EU and UN Rules and Regulations, projects’ management systems, administrative and procurement procedures, tendering, etc.  is a preferential asset
  9. Excellent communication capabilities and ability in reports’ writing
  10. Fluency in English is required.
  11. Computer literacy
  12. Driving License
  13. Ability to teamwork coordination. Flexibility, availability to perform other duties.



Job description:

The Country Representative is the overall coordinator of the whole CISP activities in Malawi.

She/he represents legally the NGO in the Country based on a mandate received by the CISP Director/Legal Representative in Italy. In addition, she/he represents the NGO in the Country in front of the local institutions, partners and donors, other local and international NGOs.

The Country Representative is responsible for the overall activities, the technical and financial management, and is the liaison person between the organisation in the Country and the Head Quarters in Rome.

CISP Country Representative is based in Lilongwe.

She/he has to follow the relationships with the line bureau involved in CISP programmes and to monitor the projects in the Country through regular missions to CISP Malawi sub-offices and on the field. In addition, she/he is also in charge of the local staff allocation to the different projects in accordance with the Project Coordinators.

Supervising and clearing reports to donors before submission is also a task of the Country Representative. Indeed, the Country Representative is expected to use the “delegation” tool very effectively with the aim of decentralising the decision making process for timely, effective and efficient implementation of the programmes. Furthermore, the Country Coordinator has the following roles and responsibilities.


A.         General Tasks

  1. Identification and promotion of new projects and institutional fund raising for CISP activities in the Country, in close cooperation with the Project Coordinators and the CISP HQ in Rome;
  2. Dissemination of information on CISP in the Country;
  3. Representation of CISP with Donors, National Authorities, and other National bodies in the Country;
  4. Relation with the Governmental institutions and Donors, unless delegated to the project managers;
  5. Decision about strategic choices and planning of the organization in the Country, in close cooperation with the Project Coordinators and the CISP HQ in Rome;


B.         Managerial and Administrative Responsibilities  

  1. Elaborate and follow up – with the support of the Country Administrator and Project Coordinators - the project financial planning and CISP Country office annual budgeting.
  2. Supervision on the management of other Bank Accounts;
  3. Authorize expenditures within his/her authority limit and according to the CISP Country Management System and supervising Cash Payments, Bank payments and other payments
  4. Ensuring that all the financial and administrative procedures followed by CISP, including the purchasing and tendering procedures, are fully consistent with the requirements of the local national laws, donors’ requirements and CISP Management System.
  5. Supervision on the actual implementation of the CISP Country Management System and of the CISP Management System released by the CISP HQ.


C.         Human Resources Management

  1. Ensure that all CISP Country offices are properly abiding the CISP Country Management System;
  2. Collaborate with the Project Coordinators in planning the human resources requirement and recruit, select and place the required human resources in accordance with the rules and needs of CISP;
  3. Manage and coordinate local and expatriate staff;
  4. Supervise and ensure that updated records of employees are maintained;
  5. Update and schedule staff annual leaves;
  6. Follow up the employment duration of employees and make sure that appropriate actions are taken on time.


Send CV to: cisp@cisp-ngo.org   Subject: CISP Vacancy Country Representative Malawi




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