VIS works in the WASH sector thanks to the support of donors of different nature, both institutional and private, national and international. VIS believes that the participation of the donors during the several stages of the project activities is fundamental in order for them to feel part of what they are funding. This is why VIS takes significant care to reach out every single donor, aiming at nourishing and strengthening its relationships with all of them, focusing in depth on the prompt provision of feed backs of all kinds, at all moments, right from the field.


VIS recognizes the efforts of every single donor in collecting the funds required to build massive WASH infrastructures addressed to the Ethiopian communities and puts itself at the service of any request made by them aimed at improving their work. VIS also works with institutional donors, such as the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a large number of Spanish and German Decentralized cooperation offices as well as the wide Don Bosco Network thanks to which VIS is engaged in a large number of interventions in progress in the country.


VIS is aware that every cent collected for the activities is important and must be well spent. This is why VIS acts in order to grant the best results with the minimum amount, trying to optimize every single expense and trying to identify attentively the most suitable solution to the problem, keeping its eye onto the full sustainability of the projects. This is why, in its assessment phase, VIS can count on a series of experts in the field which are requested to formulate and share the best option and working methodology in order to optimize costs and activities output.