Environment in International Cooperation


Environment in International Cooperation


•    beginning of the course: March 19th 2018 
•    registration deadline: March 8th 2018
•    registration deadline (optional internship): April 3rd 2018
•    duration of the course: 10 weeks  + 6 optional (internship) weeks


The training offer includes, for each student:

a)    7 main lessons on a weekly basis. Each lesson will be delivered in streaming video through the GoToWebinar platform, with the possibility to talk with the teacher and ask questions; in case of impossibility to attend the lesson live, it will be possible to view the recording;
b)    4 workshops. The class of trainees will deal with specific themes, in dialogue with the teacher;
c)    4 exercises. They consist in the development of design documents or papers related to the design and are set up on real case studies;
d)    final workshop in Rome (see below), in the form of a seminar and round table of experts on environment and international cooperation;
e)    learning materials. They are ppt of lessons and additional documents provided in pdf format, which will constitute, at the end of the course, a small electronic library.


The 2018 edition confirms some strenghts of last edition and offers an interesting novelty. 

First of all, we will still have the involvement of participants from some Planning Development Offices (PDO) based in developing countries, which will allow us to work on realities and concrete projects (as well as on numerous case studies), especially in workshops and exercises.


There will be a personalised and dedicated tutoring service.


Finally, on May 25th 2018, all the course trainees can take an active part in the IV edition of the WORKSHOP “ENVIRONMENT AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION” in Rome, with the participation of experts from: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Ministry of the Environment and of the Territory and Sea Protection, in partnership with some Italian Universities.


In addition, the course offer 6 optional weeks of practical training, with individual preparation, subsequent internship at a PDO (Planning Development Office, VIS partner), and final Report preparation.


Currently, 3 destinations are under study: India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The trainee  will elaborate an environmental assessment or project planning document which will then be made available to the hosting PDO. The tutor follows all the students during the whole course, supporting them in the learning path, both for first learning and for subsequent deepening.