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Project Manager

COOPI Project Manager Sudan

Coopi Cooperazione Internazionale

Duration 12 months

Pays : Sudan

Deadline 28-01-2019

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COOPI Cooperazione Internazionale is a humanitarian, non-confessional and independent organization founded in 1965 in Milan, Italy. For more than 50 years we have been dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and to supporting populations affected by wars, socio-economic crises or natural disasters in their path to recovery and sustainable development, by making use of the professionalism of local and international operators, and through our partnerships with public and private bodies and civil society organizations.

COOPI has been present in Sudan since 2004. The recent history of Sudan is marked by strong disorders and violence, expressions of a civil war that on several occasions has shaken the country since its independence.  COOPI’s interventions focused in the Darfur region that for a long time has been the scene of armed clashes and particularly hit by periods of severe drought. To allow the management of these activities and to ensure access to basic services for the population, different interventions were carried out, in the field of water-hygiene and food security both on humanitarian and development perspective.

COOPI is now looking for Project Managers in order to strengthen COOPI presence in the country and, in particular, to implement new projects in the field of WaSH, Environment and Climate Change.

Refers to: Head of Mission

Duty station: El Fasher (Darfur)

Field of intervention: WaSH, Environment and Climate Change

Donors: UE


  • The Project Manager is responsible for the overall development, management and quality of the project.
  • Referring to the Head of Mission, he/she coordinates and directly supervises projects, guaranteeing their correct implementation in conformity with contractual obligations and donors’ procedures, and in line with the COOPI’s procedures and management standards.
  • He/she is responsible for the preparation of projects’ reports and all monitoring documents requested by the coordination.
  • He/she identifies and supervise the financial and economic commitment required for the project implementation. He/she ensures that all administrative documents are transmitted to the Country Coordination.
  • He/she is responsible for the local staff management and training, in his/her area of competence, in close cooperation with the relative functions at Country Coordination level, whose indications he/she follows. He/she participates to the staff evaluation, together with the Head of Mission.
  • He/she guarantees ordinary contacts with operational and institutional interlocutors involved in the implementation of the project.
  • He/she ensures good visibility of the projects’ overall goals, policies and envisaged and/or results achieved as per COOPI and donor communication policies
  • He/she coordinates the elaboration, writing, and necessary documents preparation for presenting new projects, referring to the Head of Mission.


  •   At least 3 years of relevant field experience in humanitarian programs;
  • Proven expertise in WaSH, Environment and Climate Change project implementation and management;
  • Previous experience in the country is an asset;
  • Sound knowledge of international donors procedures, in particular EU/ECHO;
  • Excellent reporting writing skills;
  • Strong staff management skills;
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking capacity;
  • Adequate resilience to stress;
  • Familiarity with the context and security is an advantage;
  • English is essential