Italia - Pakistan


Dicembre 2014 - La professoressa e gli alunni della scuola S. Domenico Savio scrivono ai professori ed agli alunni della scuola di Lahore

Dear Mr. Afzal,
I'm Francesca Chiarla and I'm the English teacher of "San Domenico Savio" Institute in Bra Italy.
We are very happy to start this exchange with you and we are sure this will be a great occasion for us to know another country and another culture.
We're sending you our first letter with some photos (as you can see from the attachment).
Looking forward to hearing from you
Best wishes
Francesca Chiarla and class 3A

Hi everybody!
Nice to meet you! We are the class 3a of the “San Domenico Savio” school in Bra, Italy.
Our school is a Salesian school. In it there is an oratory, a professional Secondary School and our Middle School, we are attending the last year!!
There are also two football pitches and two volleyball courts.
In the morning we start studying subjects for the day, after we pray.
Our subjects are: Art, Italian, Geography, History, English, P.E., Maths, Music, Science, ICT, Religion and French.
The first lesson on Tuesday we have “Animazione”; it’s a special moment in which we read a book, we go to the church, to do confessions or we discuss about teenagers’ problems or school problems.
We start school at 7.55 a.m., at 10.35 a.m we have a break we usually play football or volleyball; at 10.50 we come back to our classroom and we continue our lessons.
Everyday lessons finish at 1.25 p.m., but on Monday we stay at school also in the afternoon.
In our school there are some non-compulsory activities: guitar, piano, Latin, choir and after lunch we can play and there are tournaments.
In our free time we play football, we meet our friends and we go to the cinema.
When we are at home we help our parents, we look after our little brothers and sisters and in the morning we go to school. In the afternoon we go home, we do our homework and we play.
We are very curious and we have a lot of questions for you……
What is your school like? What do you do at school every day? What’s your favourite football team? What do you do in your free time? How many people are there in  your family? What time does the school start? How do you get to school? How is your daily routine? Do you like sports? What sports do you like? What  is your favourite football team? Do you like music? How do you live in Pakistan? How is your school? What are your subjects?
Looking forward to hearing from you
We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!!!!!
Classe III, Istituto Salesiano “S. Domenico Savio”

Gennaio 2015 Il prof. Afzal risponde  mandandoci  alcune notizie dei suoi alunni, nell'allegato possiamo vedere le foto che ci hanno mandato

Dear Francesca
  God bless you. My name is Afzal Anthony and i am school principle in Don Bosco Middle school, youhanabad lahore Pakistan. From last couple of months Fr. Peter Zago SDB who is our dearest priest and Rector here is DBMS Lahore told me about twining program and asked me to contact you but unfortunately i could not contact you. I am happy that thorugh this twining program we would be able to know each other's culture, cutoms, education system, and besides that i hope it will help us to develope our youths. Here i am sharing with you some pics of our students of grade 8th. They all are young and they are about 15 to 18 years old. Some of them are living in our hostel/oratory and some are day scholars. They have different backgrounds.
Our national language is urdu but bacically they all speak punjabi which is our mother tongue. We are trying our best to teach them english so that they can communicate independently. Some of them can speak, wirte and understand English but some are still learning. I read your email and also questions which your students have asked to our students. they are interesting and next time i will reply answers of those questions through our boys. I hope our this twining program shall bring bright future for our youths.
Afzal Anthony

Marzo 2015 Mr. Antony Afzal ci scrive dandoci notizia degli esami svolti dai suoi alunni, ecco il tetso della sua lettera:

God bless you. I am very thankful to you for your caring and informative reply. I would like to update you aboute eight class who is part of our twining program. Now a days they are taking their final middle standard board exams which our Government has arranged for them. They all are well prepared and taking interest in their studies and preparing well their exams. I hope they all will get good marks. I am sorry that I could not email you during last two months because of work load. I would like to After results they all will be joining grade 9th in DBTC Lahore. They will be our first batch of grade 9th and 10th.
Our all students in twining program are enthusiastic to know about your students. They have many questions to ask. In my next email I will send you their questions. Besides that I will send you pictures of different events held in our school in which they participated whole heartedly. I wish you all the best and I hope that this exchange of school/studies and cultural informations shall help us to understand each others for the betterment of youths.

Aprile 2015 La prof.ssa Francesca Chiarla invia al prof. Afzal ed ai suoi alunni una lettera nella quale i loro compagni di scuola di Brà raccontano la loro città ed i prodotti alimentari più tipici della loro zona; potrete leggere i testi in allegato in fondo alla pagina

Dear Mr. Afzal,
I hope you and your students are well after the bad news we received from Pakistan one month ago. We wish you all the best for your school and your students.
Finally,the Spring has come in Italy too and it's  time for school trips and outside activities. But it's time for studying, too!!! Our lessons are finishing next June and our students are studying for their final exams!
Here you have some news about the city in which we live and where our school is and some typical food of our region.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Francesca Chiarla


Scuola Italiana: 
Istituto Salesiano San Domenico Savio , Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado - Brà (Cuneo)
Scuola Estera: 
Don Bosco Technical & Youth Center - Lahore