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Nella realizzazione del gemellaggio i ragazzi  sono sostenuti dalla Dirigente prof.ssa Stefania Manzo, dalla prof.ssa di inglese Anita Rizzello, dalla prof.ssa di matematica e scienze Paola Vitale e dalla prof.ssa Annina Parisi referente del progetto.


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I ragazzi della 2a A della scuola di Racale iniziano questo “scambio a distanza” raccontando di loro e della loro scuola ai ragazzi della Mary help of Christians…


Presentation of the students

Hi my name is Michelle and I’m 11 years old. I’m italian and I live in Alliste (LE) 11 via Santa Croce. I am of normal height, a bit chubby teen with long smooth hair and brown, a round face a bulbous nose, brown eyes. I like the dance, the music and football, for this I practice dance and modern dance. My family consist of four people: my mother Sara 30 years old; my father Tomas 33 years old, my brother Brian 9 years old and me. Alliste is a small town in Salento in the south east of the Mediterranean sea, dividing the Adriatic Sea in the province of Lecce, at about 55 km from Felline, it has 6779 inhabitants. One of my favorite part in Alliste is the square because I the square. One of the monuments in Alliste is Saint Quintino’s church. The climate is very mild. There are several landscapes like sea, the country. The sea is very nice because often it is calm but sometimes in winter it is very choppy.


Hi my name is Alessia Venneri, I’m 12 years old, I’m Italian and I live in the sea of Alliste my address is Lungo Mare Cristoforo Colombo. I’m tall and slim I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I like playing musical instrument, listening to music, eating pizza, going out with friends and long walks in front o the path of my house. In family we are only my mum and me. My town is located in Salento. It is not very big but I like. The point of interest are the “GIARDINI DEL SOLE’’  where there young people go there and walk. There aren’t many actives to do: there are gyms, music  classes, English classes, dance, soccer field , theatre… There are only monuments. The good of living here is that it is a beautiful country where there are furniture, shops, factories, bakery, etc… the bad is that here are not secondary schools, hospitals. The summer weather is hot and the winter is  mild. In my country there is the sea and the country obviously prefer the sea. Because in the summer I sunbathe and it is relaxing sunbathing, on the beach.


Hello , my name is Marta Capraro, I am 12 years old and I am a tall ,sturdy and funny. I really like dancing and walking with my friends. In my family we are 4:  my mother Roberta, my father Antonio , my sister Chiara and me. My country  is located in the South Italy and is very nice and small, the most beautiful place is San Sebastiano Square where we usually meet with friends. The good to live here is that we can around, I hate it because there aren’t nice shops. In the summer there is very hot weather, in the winter it is mild. My towel is near the sea and we usually go to swim in Gallipoli, Torre Suda or Mancaversa.


I’ Francesco Bellanti, I’m 12  years old, I’m Italian and my address is Via Convento n 70. I’m not very plump and not very slim and short. I’ve short, brown, straight hair and brown eyes. I like walking on the beach, painting, writing and playing with my animals. My hobbies are reading books of animals, helping my mum to cook and playing with my dog. In my family there are my dad Orazio, my mum Anna Maria, my sister Chiara and me. My country is in south Puglia (a region in south Italy). My country’s name is Racale; Racale is small but very beautiful. There are four schools, three churches , small but very important for us. In Racale you can do catechism, theatre, volleyball, football and tennis. There aren’t many monuments : there is a very beautiful church with a lot of coloured windows, there is a war memorial too.  Living in my town is beautiful because all are very kind and because it isn’t a polluted town. Here climate is Mediterranean. My favorite landscape is the sea because I like fishing.


Hi my name is Vittoria Rizzo, but everyone call my Vitto, I’m 12 years old. I’m girl enough tall, a bit plump with brown, short hair, brown eyes with bulbous nose. I live in Racale, in the province of Lecce, Italy. I love practicing rhythmic gymnastics because I’m an agonist in this and this my hobby. My family is composed of me, my dad Adolfo, my mum Tiziana and my brother Paolo. Racale is located I Puglia, a small region of Italy.  In Puglia there are many types of sea because it is a peninsula. I live precisely in Lecce, where there are beautiful baroque churches. I really  like cooking and I’m quite good at it, I really like English and speak, in fact in May I will make  a six-day trip to Malta. I really don’t like the chaos but in the end it is a simple and special village for me. Here the weather is mild because some days it is very hot and others it is very cold; this is the Mediterranean climate. As I said before, the Puglia is surrounded by the sea and I love, this because the water, I think, is the thing the most relaxing.


Hello, my name is Samuele Mastrobisi and I'm 13 years old. I am from Italy, I live in Racale 31 Foscolo. I have dark, short  hair and I have brown eyes. I'm tall and slim, I have small nose I think I'm quite good - looking.  I love swimming pool and I go swimming twice a week. I like listening to music and playing video games. This is my family: Jules is my father and Marcella is my mother. my brother  is Paolo, he's 10 years old and grandfather is Vito, my grandmother is Ada, my uncle Stefano and my aunt is Paola. I live in very populated area Racale, I have got many friends. Sometimes, with my friends I go to city square, by bike. In my town there are few monuments as the Basurto's castle, or the bell tower of the saint Giorgio church. An advantage of my town is: all citizens know each other. A disadvantage  of my town is: for example, the lack of fashion stores. We have hot summers and cold, winters and foggy or temperate the Mediterranean coast,  we have countryside and hills full of olive trees and vineyards.


My name is Aurora, but everyone calls me Lola. I'm  twelve years old. I live in Racale (Lecce), via Melissano 135, Italy.I have dark hair and brown eyes, I am one meter and fifty five centimeters tall. I like pizza and vegetables, my favorite hobby is listening music and  watching TV too. My family consists of my father Fausto, my mother Sonia and my elder brother, Lorenzo. Racale is in the South of Italy and there is ten thousand of habitants. My aunt Giovanna has a shop next to the centre and I go often with my friends to see her. Next to the centre there is a beautiful church called "San Giorgio Martire" or "Chiesa Madre". Near the church there is a fountain that lights up all night. In Racale there isn't many places to go out with friends, but it's a very nice town and we all know. The climate is mild, sometimes rains during the winter, and the summer is long. I live in Torre Suda, where the sea is very clean, there are rocks and sand. You can go for long walks near the ancient olive trees.


Hi my name is Elena and I’m 12, I’m Italian and I live in Via Marsala n.1. I’m tall and slim, my hair is brown and straight and I have green eyes with a pair of glasses. Really like volleyball and pizza. I like playing  basketball, reading and listening to music. In my family there are my mum Cinzia, my dad Lorenzo, my little sister Giorgia and me. I live in Racale, a small town in the south of Italy. Here the climate is Mediterranean, so winters enough sunny and summers really hot. I love the sea, because in summer the sea water cools you and because the sea it’s really close to our town. This is me and my town, bye!


Hi. My name is Marcello Serra, I am 11 years old and I’m italian. I live in Racale in Melissano street number 123. I’m tall, well-built and I have brown hair and green eyes. I like pizza and the orange color. My hobbies are playing soccer or videogames and reading. In the morning I go to school. When I go back I stay whit my grandparents because my parents work all day. In the afternoon I do my homework, and I go to swimming pool twice a week. In the evening I play videogames whit my cousin. In my family we are four: my mum Barbara, my dad Salvatore, my sister Giulia and me.  My town is in the South of Italy, in Puglia. It is a small town and there are 10,600 people. The first place of interest is the sea. Another place of interest is San Sebastiano’s square. Near the sea you can walk with your friends and go cycling. In the square you can talk with your friends and see the old town centre. The church of my town is called “San Giorgio’s church”, it is a medium size and it is very old. The bad of my town is: there aren’t any places of meeting for kids, there isn’t a cinema and the big city is far away from my town. The good is that we live in a town where isn’t pollution.  The weather is mild. In the summer it is vary hot, the winter is cold and the area is windy.

In my town there are the country and the sea. The country is surrounded by olive trees. The sea is the most beautiful sea in Italy because there isn’t any pollution. I like the sea because I love staying in the water making and diving.


Introducing "My school"

Hello my name is Marta and today I want to speak to you of my school, I am a very careful girl during the lesson. I frequent the 2 average, my school begins at 8 o'clock in the morning and ends at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the subject that I prefer and English because I like a lot. My class it’s crazy, we are all very animated ones, our teachers are good and kind. A thing that I hate of my school and that the recreation and too much short.


Hi  my name is Samuele Mastrobisi , in this letter I want speak of my school. I attend the secondary junior school and I am in year two. My school is not a modern storey building. Inside the main door there is a large entrance hall. My class is located on the second floor. A long corridor leads to the classrooms. My school has a canteen, an art lab, foreign languages lab, a video room, a computer lab where students working and surfing the internet and one gym. The classrooms are large and bright. In my class there are four windows. I like to go to school but I always have a lot of homework. Have you many homework’s? My favorite subject s are math and science. There are a lot of things to learn and know by heart such as dates, facts and figures. I dislike geography because I would really like to learn about countries and people by travelling. I also think that videos and documentaries are more helpful than books. Do you like geography? I like foreign languages and I think that they are very important and interesting. In my opinion foreign languages are important because if you can speak them you can get in touch with people from other countries and know a lot of about their culture. I can speak English and French. I like to learn English to understand the word of pop songs. I enjoy my physical education. When I go to gym I always have a lot of fun. I like playing volleyball. I can play the flute. Which your favorites subjects? My favorite day is Monday because I only have two hours of art and two hours of  ICT. the last hour I have Math.


Hello my name is Vittoria Rizzo and I attend the state institution including of Racale (middle school)and attend the second class A. In Italy secondary school lasts three year, every day there are five hours. The subject are: math, Italian, music, science, English, geography, history, religion, art, ICT and physical education. Usually you make two or three test in a month. The first exam are done in third before going to high school. In my school there is a large gym, a computer room, a music lab, an art lab then there is a great hall. In my class we are 21, 12 girls and 9 boys. The teachers are all very great. My favorite subject is English but I also like   physical education. I like my school but I love the American school with the cabinets. But in the end I like it.


Hello my name is Francesco Bellanti, I write this letter to talk about my school. My school, for me, is beautiful but for others my school is ugly because they don’t like the school ( in general). My school’s address is Via Piemonte. We do three years  of school and when you finishes these year you a choose the college. In my school there are 17 subject. The test are five about every month and the exams of third year of middle school are in summer. In my school there are the canteen on the first floor, a music lab on the upstairs and there are is science’s lab on the first floor, a ICT la on first floor too and a gym. In my class there are 21 students : 12 girls and 9 boys, I have 10 teacher. My favorite subject are English, science, French and Latin. Of my school I like gym, science, and music lab and of my school I don’t like the bathrooms.


Hi, I’m Elena, I attend the second year of the middle school in Italy, so I’m twelve years. In Italy there are five years of elementary school, let’s start it at six years and let’s finish it at ten years. After there are the middle school, that’s the school I attend. Let’s start it at eleven years and let’s  finis it at  thirteen years, so it only lasts three years, I’m at the second! Then there are other five years of the high school! And for the end there is the university which it is to be chosen. In Italy there are two exams, the first is on the last year of the middle school and the second on the last year of the high school. In my school I study these subjects: English, Italian, grammar, history, geography, music, religion, mats, science, art, French, technology and gym. In my class we are twenty one, and there are eight teachers. My favorite subjects are English, Italian, history and science and I really hate mats, I don’t understand anything! I'd like in my school there were lockers and that you change your class every hour, but isn’t so. Though my school isn’t so bad!


Hi, my name is Marcello Serra and I attend the state institution including Racale. School hours are five hours to six days a week, and this lasts for three years. I study: English, Italian, French, Art, History, Geography, Science, Maths, ICT, PE and RE; each month we do the checks for each subject and, at the end of the third, we have the final exam. Our school has two floors and has: two computer rooms, a music room, a pitch, a gym whit changing rooms and a track for the races. In my class we are twenty students and eight professors; my friends are nice and funny, and my professors are strict but kind and helpful. My favorite subjects are History, math and PE. What I like at my school are the pitch and the music room; what I do not like is the lack of lockers, which would decrease the weight of the backpacks.

Scuola Italiana: 
Istituto Comprensivo I Polo Scuola Secondaria I grado - Racale (LE)
Scuola Estera: 
Secondary School Mary Help of Christians - Monrovia