Voluntary Service

The opportunities to carry out the International Civil Service, in the development Countries, with VIS are:

For the International volunteer service, our motto is : “There is no project without volunteers, there are no volunteers without a project ”.

The concept of the International Volunteer we believe in requires adequate professionalism, human maturity and balance, relational and inter-cultural skills, adaptability to real local conditions, competencies, experience and engagement in order to share the daily life and the common work with our local partners and our beneficiaries. VIS engagement has been going on since 20 years, thanks to 350 volunteers who have collaborated in the past and those who collaborate with us today.

Our volunteers engaged in cooperation projects are:

- Volunteers under government contract
- Volunteers paid by other donor bodies
- Volunteers in service with Italian Caritas, with whom VIS has signed a convention for the training and support of volunteers
- National and International civil service
- VIS volunteer