Italia - Pakistan

2015 Aprile  - La professoressa Laura Guarino ed i suoi alunni iniziano a conoscersi con i loro compagni di scuola del Pakistan

Dear Mr. Afzal I'm very glad to introduce your new Italian friends!
 I'm Prof. Laura Guarino from Rome . We heard what happened few days ago and we
are very  sorry for your students, we hope there will be peace in your country a
s soon as possible.
Now let me introduce my students … they are, as you can see, 20.  We have catholics  and even two muslims.  One of them has a father who was born in Pakistan too.
Following  is what the students wrote to yours....

Dear friends of Pakistan,
we are 20 students of the secondary school “Via Luca Ghini”. Our school is in Rome, Italy.
We are 14 years old and we are 10 boys and 10 girls. We don’t know what idea you have about schools in other parts of the world: ours is not a big one but it has got a garden and inside the structure is modern. We are on the 2nd floor where there is also a computer lab and an interactive whiteboard. We usually study: Italian, English, Spanish, History, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Art , Music, Technology, Gym and R.E.  Our school starts at 8:10 and finishes at 14:10.  We are very curious about you! How is your school like? What subjects do you study? What do you usually do in your free time?
We sometimes surf the Internet and we saw a video about your country, which is so different from ours! So we will send you some imagines from our city which is a very big one : the capital of Italy.
Write us soon!
Alessia, Kevin,Sara, Valerio, Federica, Alessandro, Stefano, Nur, Sharon, Federico, Luca, Nadia, Antoniet, Aurora, Gioele, Giulia, Davide, Agnese, Samuele e Alessia.

Scuola Italiana: 
Istituto Comprensivo di Via Luca Ghini, Scuola secondaria di primo grado Fedro - Roma
Scuola Estera: 
Don Bosco Technical & Youth Center - Lahore